7 Stages of Sales Process


Before what you’re selling, every sales professional must know exactly the sales patterns, called “7 Stages of Sales Process”. If you cannot achieve your sales goal, you can check your weak points in each stages and keep improving them to get big sales results. The 7 Stages of Sales Process are:

Stage 1: Ideal Prospects

The first step is searching the ideal prospects. If you’re new to sales, you need to talk to sales co-workers such as sales manager, marketing or customer department in order to get some ideas. We suggest that all you need to do is to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Write down a list of prospects and analyze to find the qualities prospects.

Stage 2: Set an Appointment

After using any methods such as cold call, call in person, social network or sales letter to set appointments, you should see face-to-face the prospect rather than sell over the phone.

Stage 3: Qualify the Prospects

This stage to confirm is the person who is the real decision maker to buy your products or services. In B2B you may need to find out a purchasing person, the department head, the office manager, or the company owner. In B2C the prospects may need or want to share the decision with a spouse or parents.

Stage 4: Make your Presentation

This presentation is the core of all sales stages. Keep in mind that you’re selling yourself as a person you trust, not selling the products.

Stage 5: Deal with Prospect’s Objections

If the prospects has the objections- to ask any questions, it’s the positive sign. Just listen carefully, pick up some clues and answer some objections that you know.  If you don’t know the answer, keep in mind “Do Not Lie”. You’ll call the prospects as soon as possible if you find out the answer.

Stage 6: Close the Sales

After clearing the objections, you should attempt to close every sale. If you do not close the sales, don’t worry. My suggestion is to make strong relationship with your prospects as friends.

Stage 7: Ask for Referrals

After closing the sales, most sales people race out the door as possible because sales people fear that the prospects will change their minds. Just pick up the phone and ask the prospects how they enjoy the product, find out if they have any questions and ask for referrals.


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