Trump Never Give Up


Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success
by Donald J. Trump (Author)

In Never Give Up, Donald Trump tells the dramatic stories of his biggest challenges, lowest moments, and worst mistakes — and how he uses tenacity and creativity to turn defeat into victory.

Packed with exciting tales of Trump – scale deals good and bad, Never Give Up also includes hardcore business advice on:

1. Fighting back from defeats and setbacks
2. Turning big problems into even bigger opportunities
3. Turning enemies and rivals into friends and allies

Having confidence in yourself -especially in the face of risk and fear— is the key to overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams. “Trump Never Give Up” gives you that confidence with major-league stories and insights from a master businessman. It’s the perfect motivational tool for tenacious, creative business people who know that adversity and success go hand-in-hand.


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