The Secrets of Closing the Sale

The Secrets of Closing the Sale.jpg

The Secrets of Closing the Sale and BONUS: Selling With Emotional Logic (Audio CD)
by Zig Ziglar (Author)

This powerful series of twelve timeless sales sessions will help you close more sales today as you build a career for tomorrow!

Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or just now beginning your first sales position, Secrets Of Closing The Sale provides you with practical advice and effective questioning techniques that you can use to transform prospects into clients. Learn step by step over 100 specific closes and over 700 questions that lead the prospect to the decision table.

In this newly updated recording, not only will you get to hear timeless lessons on closing the sale from Zig Ziglar that have helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople for more than a generation, but you will hear Zig’s son, Tom Ziglar, discuss how these ideas are even more relevant in 2015.

You’ll Learn:

o The ABC’s of Closing
o Professional Persuasion and Common Sense Selling
o Buyer-Based Closing Techniques
o Voice Training for Effective Presentations
o Honesty and Empathy for Sales Success … the basics
o Empathy, Sympathy and Self-image In Selling
o Using Word Pictures To Sell
o Objections: A Salesman’s Best Friend
o Asking Questions To Close The Sale … the basics
o Positive Projection For Closing More Sales
And much more!

The Secrets of Closing the Sale PLUS A BONUS RECORDING: *How to use emotional logic in the selling process to increase your closing ratio.


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