Self Discipline


Self Discipline: Develop powerful mindsets to manifest your dreams
by Katy Richards (Author)

This Self Discipline ensures that you stay on track until your goals are complete, and develop a mindset that allows you to stay motivated even when your interest starts fading.

In this self discipline book, you’ll learn:-

o Why you need Self-Discipline?
Discipline is what keeps you practicing even when you don’t “feel like it”, and what helps you to try again and again even when things don’t go perfectly. In other words, you need it to succeed.

o How to set Effective Goals?
This is the starting point for achieving your wildest dreams and gaining the life you’ve always wished for.

o How to Control your own Life?
The key to fixing this is realizing that fact, and then working to take back control over your own life.

o Tips for Increasing Productivity.
Self-discipline and productivity go hand in hand, so to improve one is to improve the other. This self discipline book will be your guide for getting better at productivity so that you can achieve your dreams and live the life you deserve.


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