Success Lessons from Marathons

Success Lessons from Marathons.jpg

Life is a marathon which is a fully experience — mind, body, and spirit. While most people recognize that running marathon gets their physical health, the dedication required to train and participate in a race can teach success lessons. I’ll share four success lessons that you can take from Marathon and apply to everyday life. Here are:-

Lesson 1: Be consistent.

Whatever you do, you need to do it consistently. This is the foundation of success. You need to put in the work on a very consistent basis, it becomes a habit for you. Stop wasting your time to change things all at once and focus on daily accomplishments.

Lesson 2: Surround yourself with successful people.

When you have the chance to meet someone successful or learn something from your competition, use their stories as your inspiration. You’ll be successful too.

Lesson 3: Be professional.

You need to do the day and arrange it according to importance and overall benefit in terms of moving you forward. Get started with the tasks on that list first in the morning and combine the other tasks as part of your workday.

Lesson 4: Do more than you think.

Running Marathons is more attainable if you break it up into five or ten mile to meet your ultimate race objectives. For example, you can concentrate on making it through this half mile or to that next tree.


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