PeopleSmart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence
By Melvin L. Silberman (Author)

Dr. Mel Silberman is professor of adult and organizational development at Temple University. He is also president of Active Training, including “Working PeopleSmart.” His previous books include PeopleSmart and Active Training.

PropleSmart is outstanding how-to guide for interpersonal effectiveness. It empowers you to establish your solid relationships and connect with other people. You can see the depth of each skill in yourself, develop into action and inspire to live every day.

In PeopleSmart, you’ll find the four step processes for boosting your inter-personal intelligence.

Step 1: To help you make this connection, you’ll provide you with a list of situations in your life. Choose one or two situations to focus.

Step 2: You don’t need a whole thing in each area to make some changes, it’s important to need a few basics.

Step 3: You must do it by yourself – try on small change in behavior.

Step 4: You try to make it on inspiration and willpower.



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