Customer Success


Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue
by Nick Mehta (Author)

In Customer Success, Nick Mehta talks about organizing the philosophy of customer success. Adopting a customer first means that listening to your customers and operating the ways that help them get closer to their customers. Here The two of ten laws of customer success are:-

Law 1: Sell To The Right Customer

Sell to the right customer is a mission that growth companies need to focus on. The excitement of closing new deal is exciting for everyone. Starting with the right customer means that starting with the top of your revenue funnel.

Law 2: The Natural Tendency for Customers & Vendors Is To Drift Apart

Customers and vendors start off their relationship like two boats side-by-side. If both boats are unoccupied, they will begin to drift apart. Simple ways. Put someone in one of the boats.

Customer Success is the best sales and marketing engine possible. Our success is tied to the customers. It shows you how to kick start your customer-centered revolution, and make it stick for the long term.


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