People Follow You


People Follow You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership
by Jeb Blount (Author)

In People Follow You, you will understand how to build stronger relationships with direct and indirect reports that lead to loyalty, higher productivity, and long-term development.

People follow leaders they like, trust, and believe in to higher productivity and long-term development. It delivers a simple and actionable formula for building strong relationships. You’ll learn the real five secrets:

1. Motivate and position your employees to perform at the highest level
2. Retain top talent by building trust and loyalty
3. Create an environment where people grow, develop, and thrive
4. Communicate effectively so that you’re heard
5. Increase productivity and take your team to a new level of success

In “People follow You”, you will discover the secrets to influencing the performance of the people you lead. You Become a leader. People will follow you and you’ll lead your team to greater achievements and measurable gains.


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