See You At The Top

See You At The Top.jpg

See You At The Top: 25th Anniversary Edition (Audio CD)
by Zig Ziglar (Author, Reader)

See You At The Top is a famous self help book written by Zig Ziglar in 25 years ago. Now this live recording of Zig Ziglar’s groundbreaking seminar, Ziglar uses the analogy of climbing a staircase to represent the path to success. He identifies six different steps to achieve your goals.

Lets get a brief summary of the six steps outlined:-

1. Self-Image

Self-Image is the building block of all of the other steps. Zig Ziglar gives us with sixteen steps to a positive self-image such as ‘positive self talk’ to reading about the success of others and associating with other successful people.

2. Your relationship with others

Zig Ziglar gives us how we would like to be treated. He found that all successful people tend to get along with other people very well.

3. Goals

Zig Ziglar provides us some great principles for goal reaching including a bunch of personal stories. He explains a goal of a final destination and a plan to get there.

4. Attitude

Attitude is focused on how you approach. Zig Ziglar gives you a number of ways to approach life/work that will help you have a positive attitude towards things that happen in your life.

5. Work

Zig Ziglar gives us that the journey is the much larger part of being successful, instead of the destination.

6. Desire

Desire is the great equalizer that will give success to those people that have enough of it.

The information that this Audio CD provides something that everyone can benefit. I highly recommend “See You At The Top”.


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